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At Risk High School - For Students At Risk High School - For Students

At Risk High SchoolAt Risk Middle SchoolStep In Speak UpVeterans On CampusLGBTQ On Campus

Together Strong At Risk Family of Heroes

Friend 2 Friend

NOTE: Enter enrollment key “ohiospf” to access the Friend2Friend Training for free

Ohio Campaign for Hope Fliers

  1. At Risk for Higher Education - Students (.pdf format)
  2. Veterans on Campus - Faculty & Staff (.pdf format)
  3. Kognito Overview (.pdf format)
  4. At Risk Elementary (.pdf format)
  5. At Risk K-12 (.pdf format)
  6. At Risk K-12 Alternate (.pdf format)
  7. At Risk Middle School (.pdf format)
  8. At Risk High School (.pdf format)
  9. Family of Heroes (.pdf format)
  10. Friend2Friend (.pdf format)
  11. Friend2Friend - Alternate (.pdf format)
  12. LGBTQ on Campus (.pdf format)
  13. Step In Speak Up (.pdf format)
  14. Step in Speak Up - Alternate (.pdf format)
  15. Together Strong (.pdf format)
  16. Together Strong - Postcard (.pdf format)
  17. Veterans on Campus (.pdf format)

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Ohio Suicide Statistics
Ohio Suicide Statistics
National Suicide Statistics
National Suicide Statistics
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Ohio County Suicide Hotlines

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Coalition Support